Critter of the day: Glitcher

To kick things off, here's a little monster.

Glitchers are supposed to be scary and unsettling. I imagine they move around like Clickers do in The Last of Us. I mostly envisioned them for TL6 and forward games, as a result of failed time travel/teleportation experiments, but they can very easily be re-skinned to adapt to other themes. Their attack is unlikely to bypass much of the armor usually worn, which can lend to a false sense of security... until a player takes 4 points of injury outright to a failed HT roll.

Tune their Terror penalty to taste and scare players away!



  1. I like this monster. Seems something from SCP Foundation and I can use it on my Dungeon Psionic campaign.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! SCP was definitely an influence.

      If you ever end up using it, let me know whether it was a fun encounter.

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